Making Purple Places

Written by Rich Procter

Super Bowl 50 is in the books, and everything that can be said about it has now been said.

Except for one thing. Which is…

The Super Bowl is the best example in the American culture of a “perfectly purple” place/event/celebration. And that’s something we at BRC strive to achieve with all our projects.

Perfectly purple”? Purple, for us, is what happens when place-makers create places where Red America and Blue America can come together in harmony to keep and honor common goals and common values.

We swim in a media fishbowl that craves combat. Want ratings? Pick a fight, the nastier the better – that’s what attracts viewers. Unfortunately, great ratings translate into an angrier, more alienated public filled with reasons to hate and distrust the “other side.” You won’t lose an argument telling your friends that red and blue Americans have never been more alienated from one another.

And yet – as Super Bowl ratings prove – certain events transcend this divide. It’s safe to say that, of the 114.4 million people who watched the game, roughly half were red and half were blue. And for those four hours of pre-game/game/post-game, red and blue got along just fine, because both were celebrating the astonishing athletic prowess and fascinating gamesmanship of two superior teams putting it all on the line.

An underlying premise of every BRC project is that people are looking for places to put aside their differences so they can come together and celebrate common emotional values. At The Selig Experience at beautiful Miller Park in Milwaukee, red and blue come together to celebrate their love for the glorious game of baseball. At The Soul of Nashville at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, red and blue come together to celebrate their love for music, an art form that transcends politics by channeling the deepest emotions we humans share: love, longing, joy and heartbreak. Our show “Manufacturing Innovation” for the Ford Rouge Factory Tour, red and blue come together to celebrate the spirit of relentless innovation in the cause of creating a brighter future for everyone.

Creating the “Perfectly Purple Place” – this is a goal that drives us. Our clients – great brands like Ford, Coca-Cola, and the Milwaukee Brewers – offer people the opportunity to come together and celebrate values that transcend our political divide. We will continue our quest to create a place that’s justas perfectly purple as our favorite purple place.