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There’s a dreamer in all of us

SCADstory is a first-of-its-kind immersive experience at an educational institution. Incorporating the craft of 25 SCAD degree programs — from animation to themed entertainment design — SCADstory is a thrilling immersive experience that tells a universal tale of the dreamer in us all.

Guests are invited into a theatrical space as innovative as SCAD itself: a “dream box” of wonder and magic. Using leading edge technology and theatrical wizardry, the whimsical vignettes of memories and moments comes alive all around you. SCADstory carries guests on an unexpected journey through SCAD history, across four decades of beauty, design, education, and invention.


  • The Drum Marketing Awards, Highly Recommended, best use of Technology
  • The Drum Marketing Awards, Highly Recommended, Event/Experiential Strategy
  • Experience Design and Technology, Bronze, Best Use of A/V
  • CODAWorx, Top 100 Projects, 2021
Savannah College Of Art And Design
Savannah, Georgia
  • Concept Development
  • Design Detail
  • Production
  • Immersive Media Production
  • Fabrication
  • Technical Systems
  • Installation and Integration
Project Highlights


Attendance up more than 180% since April, 2019


SCADstory is the #5 of 227 things to do in Savannah on Tripadvisor

Top 100

Placed in the top 100 at CODAworx 2021 Awards Program
Project Details


Here guests discover the REAL story of SCAD: that one of America’s best art and design colleges was the product of a visionary woman named Paula Wallace. She had a dream for a new kind of higher education institution: one that produced inspired, optimistic artisans fully equipped to succeed in the world of creative work. In creating the Savannah College of Art and Design, she changed the lives of thousands of young people, who, in turn, have changed the world with their courage and creativity.


How could BRC make the adventures of SCAD founder Paula Wallace come alive in a way that made them universal, so every guest could see themselves as fellow dreamers? How could BRC create a show so wondrous and powerful that prospective students would decide on the spot to enroll at SCAD?


SCADstory welcomes guests into a narrative space where they can’t help but see Paula’s dreams as a reflection of their own. The immersive space translates Paula’s journey into a series of engaging, emotional vignettes embedded in unique theatrical environments. The show acts as a subtle call to action: join us and turn your own dreams into reality. Who wouldn’t want to take that dare?

Key learnings

Prospective students coming to SCAD want to know that their education will be a launch pad to a professional creative career. By experiencing and seeing themselves in the audacious dream of SCAD’s founder, these young people are reassured they’re in just the right place to find their own destiny.

“SCADstory was amazing! It was magical and inspiring! If you’re a prospective student visiting SCAD or a tourist looking for something interesting to do, SCADstory has it all. Art, entertainment music….It blew me away. A must-see in Savannah!”

– Tripadvisor