Creating Experiences that Matter takes a diverse team of imaginative and inspired storytellers, skilled designers and innovative craftspeople, media wizards, technical professionals, producers, and a whole lot more.  Every one of our projects is unique and so are the people who work on them.

Please contact us here with your expression of interest in a particular job, cover letter, and resume.

If you have a background in the following areas: 

  • Design and/or building of Set and Scenic Elements in a theatrical, exhibition or branded environments  
  • Have previously led design efforts
  • Enjoys solving intricate puzzles
  • Knowledge of Show, Audio Visual, and Lighting Integration in permanent spaces.
  • Experience designing and managing design packages for fabrication and installation.
  • Proficient in AutoCAD and SketchUp

Currently HIRING



Illustrate the interior and storytelling environments that embody a project’s creative concept. Must be able to tell a story through visualization and working with a team. 

Uses a variety of techniques including:  

  • Hand sketching ideation
  • Base render spatial modeling
  • 3D modeling and digital Photoshop
  • Digital renders

Currently HIRING

Concept Artist

Visual storytelling and spatial planning through branded spaces, exhibitions, media installations and theatrical environments is a critical aspect of creating engaging BRC projects. Uses a variety of techniques including:  

  • Hand sketching ideation
  • Spatial planning
  • 3D modeling and digital Photoshop

Experience Designers and Environmental Designers

In the early stages of our projects we create a concept package to communicate and represent a project’s concept and its unique brand identity. We need graphic designers who can: 

  • Create graphic layouts for concept packages
  • Communicate creative ideas for our projects 
  • Streamline the concept package for PowerPoint or Keynote

Graphic Designer Freelance

BRC also has projects that require environmental graphic designers who enjoy:

  •  Designing and producing for immersive and theatrical environments

Environmental Graphic
Designer Freelance