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Talisker Distillery

A Whisky Made by the Sea

Talisker is a whisky that was ‘Made by the Sea.’ The Talisker Brand Home experience tells the story of a 200-year-old distillery: how the land and sea influences the flavour of the whisky it produces and how the distillery, in turn, has shaped and changed the people of Skye.

Every year, guests from all over the world travel by bridge and sea to discover the secrets of one of Scotland’s most sought-after whiskies in its place of origin. The reimagined visitor experience places guests in the centre of the Talisker story: a story that has something for every visitor, from whisky connoisseurs to casual drinkers alike, transforming the traditional image of Scotch as an exclusive spirit into a flavourful and accessible drink guests can enjoy any way they wish.

Among the many delights is the brand home itself, a renovated white warehouse building that matches the warmth of the people working there and the rich fire of the whisky itself, all set along the gorgeous rocky coastline of the Isle of Skye.

The new visitor experience has already been awarded Scotland’s prestigious Green Tourism Gold award, recognising the site’s waste management, nature conservation, eco-tourism, and accessibility. Talisker has also partnered with the conservation organization Parley for the Oceans, which brings together creators, thinkers, and leaders to address major threats towards our oceans and to preserve 100 million square meters of ocean ecosystems around the world by 2023. 

Efforts to create an inclusive brand home include implementing accessibility measures in line with Euan’s Guide, the information source for accessibility in visitor attractions. Signage uses universal symbols and language-assist devices are available. The brand home and gardens are family-, pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly, and all experiences offer non-alcoholic options.



  • 2023 Muse Creative Awards Gold, Experiential & Immersive—Other
  • 2023 Illuminating Engineering Society, Illumination Awards Award of Merit: Interior Design
  • 2023 Scottish Design Awards, Experiential
Isle of Skye, Scotland
  • Lead Agency
  • Strategic Planning
  • Concept Development
  • Immersive Media Production
  • Production
  • Fabrication
  • Script Development
  • Installation & Integration
  • Guide Training

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Talisker Distillery
Talisker Distillery
Talisker Distillery
Talisker Distillery
Talisker Distillery

“Interactive and lots of fun, very different from the usual distillery tour.”

— Tripadvisor