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The Barnum Museum

Bringing the ‘Great American Showman’ to life

No fiction writer could create as rich and fascinating a character as P.T. Barnum. He embodied the quintessential American story of vision, audacity, and enterprise, and he defined and forever changed the world of entertainment.

One of the longest ongoing museums in the U.S., the Barnum Museum engaged BRC to create a vision plan for the museum’s future. BRC collaborated with museum leadership, Bridgeport civic leaders, economists, historians, and educators to create an emotional experience that immerses visitors in the life stories, contributions, failures, and monumental achievements of P.T. Barnum. The reimagined museum will transform and expand perceptions of Barnum from that of a showman, to a remarkable thinker, innovator, entrepreneur, philanthropist, civic benefactor and timeless role model. By connecting personally with Barnum’s amazing story, visitors will understand the museum’s remarkable collection in a new light, and be inspired to emulate his life of curiosity, dare-taking, and enterprise.
Barnum Museum
Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • Strategic Planning
  • Concept Development