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Ravinia Music Box Experience Center

Celebrating the music and legacy of Leonard Bernstein

Coming to Ravinia Music Festival brings together several kinds of pleasure — the pleasure of great music, the pleasure of a memorable night under the stars, and the pleasure of good friends sharing their time together. Now Ravinia offers a new pleasure: the Ravinia Music Box Experience Center featuring a unique immersive theatrical experience, “Bernstein’s Answer.”

The Ravinia Music Box Experience Center is elegant, open, and inviting. The whole center is designed for flexibility and features modern architecture that is playful, engaging, and eco-friendly. It expands the offer at Ravinia by providing a multi-purpose modern experience venue that will invite visitors all year round.

The new space is also host to a multi-media, multi-sensory spectacular that immerses guests in the magic of Leonard Bernstein’s music. The show is a transformative journey that reveals the power of great music to thrill, transport, and heal mankind, seen through the eyes, heard through the ears, and created through the hands and heart of Leonard Bernstein.



  • MUSE Creative Award 2022, Gold, Immersive/Experiential
  • Skift IDEA Award, Winner: Physical Experience
Ravinia Festival
Highland Park, Chicago
  • Strategic Planning
  • Concept Development
  • Schematic Design
  • Production
  • Installation and Integration
Project Details


The Ravinia Music Box is a music presentation designed to thrill and enchant those who crave sensory-rich, high-impact entertainment. There has simply never been anything like this experience at any comparable venue.


The Chicagoland schools no longer teach music. That means that most people don’t “age into” a love for classical music as they turn 50. How could Ravinia create an attraction that initiates young guests into this rich world of music by inspiring them instead of teaching them, so that they’ll seek out classical music and sustain the Festival?


We meet the audience where they are. Employing tools like immersive media, 360 digital sound, astonishing visuals and rich storytelling, we put the guest at the center of an adventure into the heart of music, transcending speech and touching every heart.

Key learnings

To achieve a difficult goal, think differently about the approach. Here, we embraced the narrative tools often associated with more modern kinds of popular music. We fill the senses and stir the emotions. We welcome guests into the revelation that music—ALL music—is one of life’s greatest miracles.
Ravinia Music Box Experience
Ravinia Music Box Experience
Ravinia Music Box Experience
Ravinia Music Box Experience
Ravinia Music Box Experience