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Placing visitors at the heart of the AMOREPACIFIC story

When the Chairman of AMOREPACIFIC decided to build a factory tour on the campus of Korea’s premier skin care brand, he wanted to tell a different kind of story. He wanted something that honored the company heritage, celebrated the company’s workers, and glorified nature’s wisdom.

StoryGarden by AMOREPACIFIC is an inspiring and empowering brand home that blends storytelling, nature, art, and sensory experiences to place guests firmly in the heart of the story and values of AMOREPACIFIC. Here, guests learn the power that lies within each of us and that “Beauty is a gift that can truly transform our world.”

Only a few short months after its opening, StoryGarden attendance had already surpassed the annual target. StoryGarden continues to be sold out and available by appointment only.
Osan, South Korea
  • Concept Development
  • Design Detail
  • Production
  • Immersive Media Production
  • Fabrication
  • Installation & Integration
  • Guide Training

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Project Highlights


Winner of four international awards including a 2015 Themed Entertainment Award for Outstanding Achievement, Brand Experience
Project Details


StoryGarden reinvents the idea of a luxury factory tour. This is a unique and uplifting experience imbued with the spirit and values of a company rooted in nature’s wisdom. Visitors leave understanding more than just the AMOREPACIFIC process. They understand the origin of the company’s inspiring commitment to five core values: Openness, Innovation, Proximity, Sincerity and Challenge.


BRC was asked to come up with a wholly original kind of luxury experience and tour: a unique, soft-touch visitor experience that blends storytelling, art, and sensory experience. We need to find a way to invite guests into the heart of the AMOREPACIFIC story, so they’d come away glowing with a new love for “nature’s wisdom.”


Collaborating with the company’s design, luxury, R&D, archives and culture departments, BRC created a theme statement: ‘Beauty is a Gift that Can Transform Our World’. This sentiment became the thread for a unique, soft-touch visitor tour that blends storytelling, art and sensory experience. Visitors to StoryGarden pass through lush botanical gardens before entering the 10,000 square-foot building, which contains eight galleries and two immersive theaters. Custom scored music, contemplative spaces, digital interactives, and evocative scents work together to place guests firmly in the heart of the AMOREPACIFIC story.

Key learnings

Forward-thinking brands understand that to build a lasting connection with customers, buyers, partners, and key influencers, you need to create a transformational experience that builds trust, speaks to shared values, and connects the heart of the visitor with the heart of the brand.
Amorepacific Storygarden
Amorepacific Storygarden
Amorepacific Storygarden
Amorepacific Storygarden
Storygarden by AMOREPACIFIC
Amorepacific Storygarden
Amorepacific Storygarden
Storygarden by AMOREPACIFIC
BRC’s Bob Rogers with AMOREPACIFIC’s Chairman Suh