Kennedy Space Center

“Amazing Visit of America’s Space History and Future...We loved the experience so much we extended our tickets so we could return the next week and hopefully witness a launch.”
— TripAdvisor

For over a quarter century, NASA has asked BRC to help tell their epic story at Kennedy Space Center, consistently ranked one of the Top 20 museums in the US. Our collaborations include the award-winning Apollo Saturn V Center highlighting the story of America’s lunar missions, the Shuttle Launch Experience celebrating three decades of missions, and the overall vision planning for the entire space complex. Most recently BRC helped transform the narrative of manned space flight by shifting the focus from the settled history of the past to the opportunity of the future in “Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted.”

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  • Attendance increased
  • Admissions value increased



  • 1997 Themed Entertainment Association Thea Award (Apollo/Saturn V Center)
  • PRO AV Magazine Spotlight Award (Best Government AV Project: Exploration Space: Explorer’s Wanted)
  • 2010 IAAPA Brass Ring Award
  • 2008 Themed Entertainment Association Thea Award (Shuttle Launch Experience)