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Expo Milano 2015, The EU Pavilion

Creating a more sustainable future together

At the Expo Milano 2015, the European Union wanted to communicate that everyone should have access to sufficient, safe, healthy food. The European Union is justifiably proud of its role as global leader related to the food supply chain, food security, and safety, as well as its promotion of peace, human rights, and the environment within Europe and the World.

To celebrate this key role, as well as inspire other regions, countries, and individuals to join the effort to grow a better future for everyone, the EU selected BRC to develop a series of theatrical and immersive activities for the 20 million visitors expected at the Expo. Drawing upon European storytelling traditions, BRC created an engaging guest experience centered on two charmingly animated characters: Sylvia, a scientist, and Alex, a farmer.
The European Union
Milan, Italy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Story & Concept Development
  • Animated Film Experience
  • Immersive Media Production
  • Interactive Design & Production
  • Schematic Design & Technical Specifications
  • Digital Strategy
  • Installation & Integration
  • Retail Design & Strategy
  • Guide Training
  • Pavilion Mascot Design & Production

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Project Highlights


Recieved a 94% approval rating for all pavilions among guests at the Expo

600K +

Over 600,000 guests visited the Pavilion during the Expo


Received 8 awards for filmmaking and creative excellence, including Best Animated Film at the 2015 Los Angeles International Film Festival
Project Details


The EU Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015 presented a charming animated film about Alex, a farmer, and Sylvia, a scientist. These two come together to help save their village at the moment of need. In so doing, they prove the motto for the European Union, “United in Diversity.” We must work together to achieve peace and prosperity.


The European Union wanted to convey a message about the need for people to come together in order to thrive and make a more sustainable future together. This message was about creating a vision of sustainable food production and community while retaining the richness of the continent’s many and varied cultures, traditions and languages. A conventional presentation of these ideas would be too dry and pedantic. What to do?


Entertainment, specifically an animated love story with two unlikely heroes. And at the center of this love story, bread. Bread has historically been the symbol of a food made for sharing. The captivating love story delivers the message that if we’re going to feed the people of the world, our farming and agricultural traditions must work hand-in-hand with scientific research.

Key learnings

Academic presentations, while interesting, are rarely exciting for the masses. By translating the EU’s powerful message into an enchanting animated fable, the story and underlying lessons became far more palatable to the kind of large audiences World Expos attract.
Milan Expo 2015
Milan Expo 2015
Milan Expo 2015
Milan Expo 2015

“Thank you for this amazing adventure! I’m in love with this Pavilion!”

– Pavilion Guest Book
Milan Expo 2015
Milan Expo 2015
Milan Expo 2015
Milan Expo 2015