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Masters of Storytelling: Victoria Taylor

Victoria Taylor

“People are spending a lot of money on travel experiences and they’re spending money on tailored experiences that feel personal to them. If that tells anyone anything, it’s: Do not replicate. Do something different.”

Victoria Taylor is an Experience Partner to hospitality, tourism, cultural destination, and luxury experience brands. She works with her clients to create unique experiences that impact people, profit and planet whilst proofing for the future. 

Fascinated with traditional craftsmanship and “maker” based hospitality experiences that delve into the origins of people and place, she has an insatiable curiosity for the exceptional and the unusual. Her unique work has taken her all over the world and as a seasoned keynote speaker, Victoria enjoys events that spark ideas to change things and challenge what always “has been.”

In this episode of Masters of Storytelling, Maya talks to Victoria about the art of designing experiences, how destinations can transform communities, and the courage that’s required to create something truly singular. 

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