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Ford Rouge Factory Tour & ‘Manufacturing Innovation’

A 21st century model for sustainable manufacturing

To mark its Centennial, the Ford Motor Company joined with The Henry Ford, BRC and visionary environmentalist architect William McDonough to celebrate the Ford Rouge Factory’s transformation into a 21st century model for sustainable manufacturing. Collaborating with Ford leadership; Ford’s marketing, innovation and design teams; and sustainability experts, BRC crafted a story of reinvention that has drawn millions of visitors since the Factory Tour first opened in 2004.

At the time of its opening, the new Rouge had the largest living green roof in the world, spanning 10.4 acres. The factory continues to serve as a testing ground for what works in sustainability. The Factory Tour was the world’s very first Gold LEED attraction. It tells a story of vision, perseverance and possibility, a story that truly resonates with visitors who come to hear the epic tale of what William McDonough calls the “next Industrial Revolution—a new paradigm of productivity, based on the processes of nature.”

A key component of this tour is the “Manufacturing Innovation” theater, a spectacular experience that immerses the audience in the cutting-edge innovation and production of the game-changing aluminum-based F-150. Surrounded by 360-degrees of dazzling imagery, as well as stunning visual and sound effects, visitors meet the people and technologies behind the F-150 truck. Through the magic of 3D form projection mapping, laser effects, and moving industrial robots, visitors experience the creation of a new F-150 – from concept to final testing – before their very eyes.
The Henry Ford Museum Of American Innovation & Ford Motor Company
Dearborn, Michigan
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Project Highlights


Ranked #1 Tour in Dearborn, Michigan on TripAdvisor


The world’s very first Gold LEED attraction


Recipient of four global awards including the 2015 Themed Entertainment Association, Outstanding Achievement for a Brand Experience
Project Details


The new Ford Rouge Factory Tour and “Manufacturing Innovation” inspires visitors to join Ford in the creation of a better future. It highlights the importance of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) in a real-world application, emphasizing 21st Century design, engineering, and manufacturing skills.


How do we engage guests in the quest to create a new, innovative vehicle that also paves the way to a sustainable future? How do we entertain visitors and at the same time inspire them to pursue the STEAM skills that will prepare them to meet the challenges of this century?


BRC worked hand-in-hand with the designers, engineers, assembly-line employees, researchers, marketing specialists, educators, historians, and curators of The Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company to create a tour and immersive experience that showcases how community, business and the environment can thrive together.

Key learnings

Scholarship and showmanship aren’t mutually exclusive. By opening the door and showcasing not only the ideas, but the real people behind modern manufacturing’s most progressive concepts, every visitor leaves feeling more optimistic and empowered to contribute to the building of a better world.
Ford Rouge Factory Tour
Ford Rouge Factory Tour
Ford Rouge Factory Tour
Ford Rouge Factory Tour

“This has to be the best factory tour I’ve ever seen…”

—Google Review