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Illinois Holocaust Museum

Remember the Past, Transform the Future

The USC Shoah Foundation had been collaborating with the Illinois Holocaust Museum on a pioneering project called Dimensions in Testimony – a combination of holographic technology and A.I. that allows people to speak with survivors and other witnesses to the Holocaust and other genocides through their interactive biographies. The Museum came to BRC to develop a concept with this technology in the hopes of creating an experience that would foster empathy, respect, and understanding and, ultimately, transform audiences into committed Upstanders for justice and equity. The resulting concept: The Upstander Project (aka Take A Stand Center).

Guests enter an intimate space and are welcomed by the stunningly realistic hologram of a Holocaust Survivor, eager to share their story. As the story begins, their memories come to vivid life through BRC’s signature brand of storytelling and theatrical wizardry. At the climax of the presentation, audience members are invited to ask questions that prompt stunningly realistic real-time responses from pre-recorded video interviews with the Storyteller.

Next, guests enter a gallery of interactive digital “story portals” where they learn the stories of contemporary Upstanders and learn how to take action on issues that are important to them.


  • 2018 Muse Gold Award, Interpretive Interactive Installations
  • 2017 National Medal for Museum and Library Service
Illinois Holocaust Museum
Skokie, Illinois
  • Concept Development