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The Circle Room at the Grand Ole Opry

Country music’s most beloved venue

The Circle Room at The Grand Ole Opry is a custom-built theater that hosts an immersive show that introduces the Grand Ole Opry House Tour. Hosts Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood take guests on an unforgettable journey into the heart and soul of country’s music’s most beloved venue. Guests enjoy highlights from key moments in the Opry’s past and present. These include the first time their favorite artists stepped into the circle, received an invitation to become a member and were inducted into the Opry.

As a great side benefit, the Circle Room can be re-configured in minutes from a welcome theater into a VIP Lounge/Event Space, perfect for everything from press conferences to Ryman Hospitality celebrations to pre and post-show receptions.

Gaylord Entertainment & Ryman Hospitality
Nashville, Tennessee
  • Story & Concept Development
  • Design Detail
  • Immersive Media Production
  • Production
  • Fabrication
  • Technical Systems
  • Installation & Integration
Project Details


The Circle Room at the Grand Ole Opry welcomes guests to the Opry House Tour by showcasing what makes the Grand Ole Opry different from every other country music institution. On the Opry stage, country superstars, legends, and newcomers all meet to discover and pass on the rich heritage of this legendary music.


The Grand Ole Opry Tour needed a new “first act.” How could we begin this tour with a solid “wow” that communicated, in a visceral, emotional way, what makes this legendary place so beloved in the hearts of country music fans? We had to engage them from the first moment and make them feel part of the magic of this place.


Guests meet Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, who offer heartfelt testimony about their lifelong journey with the Opry. Guests join the two on an emotional journey from their earliest dreams of stepping into the circle on the famous stage, to when they are inducted as members to the most illustrious family in country music.

Key Learnings

Music venue operators around the world are realizing that tour experiences are not only a fantastic source of non-performance or ‘dark day’ revenue, they’re also the best way to turn casual visitors into fans, and fans into brand advocates.
Grand Ole Opry Circle Room
Grand Ole Opry Circle Room
Grand Ole Opry Circle Room
Grand Ole Opry Circle Room
Grand Ole Opry Circle Room
Grand Ole Opry Circle Room