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Absolut Home

One Great Home for the Absolut “One Community”

At the Absolut Home in Åhus, Sweden, guests are immersed in Absolut’s One Source, One Community philosophy that focuses on quality, diversity, culture, and sustainability. BRC transformed a villa in the small Swedish community into a series of connected multi-sensory experiences. Guests engage emotionally in the story of Absolut, explore the sustainable ingredients, process, and enjoy a signature mixology class. The Absolut Home also features a world-class restaurant and garden catering for local and sustainable cuisine, paired with signature cocktails. Together, these elements bring the values of Absolut to life in an authentic and tangible experience that guests love.


  • Transform Awards Europe 2021, Silver, Best Brand Experience
  • World Travel Awards, Europe’s Leading Vodka Distillery Tour
The Absolut Company
Åhus, Sweden
  • Strategic Planning
  • Concept Development
  • Design Detail
  • Production
  • Technical Programming
  • Installation & Implementation
  • Guide Training
Project Highlights


#1 thing to do in Åhus on Tripadvisor

180 +

Over 180 five star reviews on Tripadvisor

+ 36%

Average revenue per guest increased by 36%
Project Details


The Absolut Home, like everything Absolut does, is a community gathering place that affirms their One Source and One Community philosophy. Guests emerge with an understanding that every single bottle of Absolut is produced in this small village in Southern Sweden by artisans who achieve the highest quality standards and are made aware of the company’s rigorous goals for sustainability and environmental integrity.


Absolut came to BRC to create a must-see destination where local and international visitors can experience the Absolut “One Source” story and witness firsthand Absolut’s commitment to community, agriculture, and craftsmanship, and discover how these come together to create a more sustainable world.


BRC converted a 100-year-old villa adjacent to the company’s vodka distillery into a 700 sq. meter sustainable brand home with a series of connected multi-sensory experiences and a world-class farm-to-table restaurant and sensory garden. Each room of the brand home communicates a different aspect of Absolut’s history and commitment to the local community, the environment, and the fellowship that has developed over generations between farmers and distillers.

Key learnings

Modern distillery visitors expect more than a factory tour and goodbye drink. Guests genuinely want to learn where their favorite products come from, enjoy a next-level tasting experience, and deep dive into the brand world along with their fellow brand-lovers. A well-executed brand home must include a multi-sensory and communal storytelling experience that turns guests from casual customers to brand advocates.
Absolut Home
Absolut Home
Absolut Home

“The tour was fantastic…above and beyond what was expected.”

– Tripadvisor
Absolut Home
Absolut Home
Absolut Home
Absolut Home
Absolut Home
Absolut Home