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World Food Center

We Feed Each Other

As the second most productive food region in the world, The Netherlands is on a mission to help feed and nourish our planet’s people, today and tomorrow. The World Food Center provides a ripe opportunity to tell the powerful story of that mission. The new experience in Ede, Netherlands, takes guests on a personalized journey that will challenge what they know about how food is produced and consumed, worldwide.

Visitors find themselves immersed in fun, authentic, story-driven educational experiences that highlight the Netherlands’ leading role in global food production and research, food security and safety, and the health of humankind and our planet. Food is life. More importantly, the message here is that food is love. 

World Food Center
Ede, the Netherlands
  • Concept Development
  • Design Detail
  • Story & Thematic Design
Project Details


The World Food Center was created to achieve a worthy mission: help feed and nourish our planet’s people, today and tomorrow. Guests discover the impact of the world’s food choices and the importance of sustainable and healthy food production through a variety of digital and analogue experiences that invite them to use all their senses and learn by doing.


The challenge for BRC was to create a place that changes minds—and more importantly, hearts—so that guests walk out empowered to help create a healthier, sustainable, and tastier future for themselves and their families, the Netherlands, and the world.


From the very first moment, visitors are placed at the center of this mission and positioned as heroes in the quest to improve food production worldwide. Guests are engaged with multi-sensory experiences that reveal the challenges of world food systems and the tangible, actionable solutions for what guests can do—now and in the future—to care for humankind and the planet that nourishes us.

Key learnings

Transforming guests into engaged heroes in the quest to mitigate the world’s greatest challenges can be a winning strategy for all parties involved: the attraction, their guests, their communities, and humanity at large. By presenting challenges in a context of practical hope and civic action, guests leave optimistic and inspired to make a difference.
World Food Center
World Food Center
World Food Center
World Food Center

“The team at BRC has a unique appreciation of what it takes to design for human experiences – those interactions that make us listen, learn and empathize with each other’s humanity.”

– Marcel Goossens, director of The World Food Center Experience