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Masters of Storytelling: A New Podcast from BRC


What’s the most powerful way to put an idea into the world? A good story. And behind all the stories we come to know, remember, and love are human beings: storytellers.

BRC Imagination Arts is pleased to present Masters of Storytelling, a new podcast about the legendary people, ideas, and strategies that have redefined how we think about storytelling, across every medium: from books to the board room, film to physical spaces.

Hosted by BRC’s marketing director, Maya Guice, each episode offers candid conversations with the world’s greatest storytellers, illustrating each subject’s unique point of view, atypical career trajectories, lessons in grit, and key insights into how each storyteller translates the principles of storytelling into their own creative practice and process. 

Ultimately, Masters of Storytelling is a celebration of the people who tell stories and the people who bring them to life: the designers, producers, writers, technicians, business leaders and creative minds who tell stories that change not only how we think about the world, but our relationship to it. 

New episodes come out every other week. Listen now and subscribe on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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