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  2. Fueled By Passion at The Henry Ford

Fueled By Passion at The Henry Ford

Push the limits of what’s possible

American innovation knows no bounds, and racing, which combines technical excellence with the human endeavor, speaks to our constant need to push the limits of what’s possible. That’s why the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation has gathered one of the finest collections of innovative, powerful, record-busting race cars and automotive artifacts in the world.

Building on this unparalleled collection, The Henry Ford’s newest exhibition, Driven to Win: Racing in America presented by General Motors, gives guests a visceral sense of just how thrilling it is to “go faster and push the limits of racing.” BRC partnered with The Henry Ford to help bring its incredible collection to life through emotional storytelling, and to get guests excited about “the lives of those who invented their way into the winner’s circle and often changed the world in the process.” Fueled by Passion, is the exhilarating, immersive experience at the heart of The Henry Ford’s new permanent exhibition, Driven to Win: Racing in America presented by General Motors.

The 15-minute sensory-filled immersive media experience shares the stories of five people who have empowered themselves to push their personal limits and ignites the drive we all have to power our passions.


  • MUSE Creative Awards 2022, Platinum, Experiential/Immersive
The Henry Ford Museum Of American Innovation
Dearborn, Michigan
  • Strategic Planning
  • Story & Concept Development
  • Design Detail
  • Architectural Coordination
  • Schematic Design
  • Immersive Media Production
  • Production
  • Installation & Integration
  • Programming & Technical Training

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“Fueled by Passion” brings The Henry Ford’s unprecedented collection of racing artifacts to life, speaking right to the heart of the audience, and right to the mission of The Henry Ford. Guests come away understanding that racing is a collaborative process driven by science, passion, and innovation.


The challenge for BRC was to re-imagine just how thrilling a museum-style show could be. The goal was to capture the excitement of racing while telling an incredible story of the smart, innovative, passionate people who give their lives to the sport.


BRC followed five different and diverse race teams as they prepared for some of the world’s most important racing events. Some drivers won, others didn’t, but that was a part of the story. Innovation isn’t about winning, it’s about passion, drive, and learning from failure. At the end of this show, guests recognize “the drive inside themselves” to create, innovate and achieve.

Key learnings

Today, many museums are struggling to attract the attention of younger audiences. Scholarship and showmanship aren’t mutually exclusive. Thrill. Entertain. Excite. Make your guests feel something. When a museum can successfully immerse guests in the fascinating subjects being exhibited, everyone wins.
Fueled by Passion The Henry Ford
Fueled by Passion The Henry Ford
Fueled by Passion The Henry Ford
Fueled by Passion The Henry Ford

“The tour was fantastic…above and beyond what was expected. “

– Tripadvisor