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TOURS @ Climate Pledge Arena

Driving responsible change

TOURS @ Climate Pledge Arena is an expertly guided, immersive, behind-the-scenes journey through the rich story and transformation of Climate Pledge Arena, the first International Living Future Institute-certified zero-carbon arena in the world.

Climate Pledge Arena came to BRC Imagination Arts for help developing a next-generation fan experience that would create new revenue opportunities. They understood that an arena tour is more than an opportunity to show off the Arena; it’s an invitation to experience an emotional journey that leads to loyalty and membership in a growing, passionate community of people committed to a sustainable, regenerative future.

Located in the heart of Seattle Washington, Climate Pledge Arena boasts 100% renewable energy power; a “Rain to Rink” system that harvests water off the roof and turns it into the greenest ice in the National Hockey League; A zero-waste system of composting and recycling. It’s this commitment that supports the excitement of a tour that showcases an arena built to create memorable moments: epic sports battles featuring the world’s best athletes, and exhilarating musical moments created by the world’s greatest musical acts. Throw in 28,000 square feet of LED, a 25-page custom script, extensive guide training, and you have the makings of a one-of-a-kind arena visit.

The 75-minute tour covers the most exclusive areas of the Arena like the owner’s suite located at center ice, the Press Bridge, Private Suites and Clubs, Star Dressing Rooms, and a magical walk out to the Arena floor, just like Seattle Kraken players do on game day. These moments place the tour into the firmament of iconic entertainment experiences that can only be found at Climate Pledge Arena.

Climate Pledge Arena
Seattle, Washington
  • Strategic Planning
  • Story & Concept Development
  • Design Detail
  • Immersive Media Production
  • Production
  • Installation & Integration
  • Technical Systems & Programming
  • Guide Training
Project Details


TOURS @ Climate Pledge Arena is a new, immersive tour program that tells every guest that a sports arena can be innovative, luxurious, exciting and still be progressive, responsible, and sustainable.


How could BRC break through the boilerplate boredom of most arena tours? How could Climate Pledge Arena give fans a taste of game day excitement before they have the opportunity to experience it for real? And how might we reinforce The Climate Pledge goals while delivering an important call to action: Join us!


BRC designed and installed unforgettable immersive media experiences at key points in the tour to provide “surprise and delight” moments for tour guests. Tour hosts control sound (including a bespoke score that personifies Climate Pledge Arena) and media from a wrist-worn device, making every step of the tour feel like a magic trick to guests.

Key learnings

By embracing a marriage of emotional storytelling and technological innovation, Climate Pledge Arena is able to give visitors a one-of-a-kind immersion into the Climate Pledge Arena story, connecting them to the Arena, its heritage, and its future driving responsible change.
Climate Pledge Arena
Climate Pledge Arena
Climate Pledge Arena
Climate Pledge Arena
Climate Pledge Arena
Climate Pledge Arena
Climate Pledge Arena

“Highly recommend to anyone looking for a unique Seattle experience – you’ll come away with smiles, knowledge, and appreciation of this arena leading the way for climate solutions as the first of its kind.”

—Google Review