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Moments of Happiness at World of Coca-Cola

Celebrating Life’s Happiest Moments

“Moments of Happiness” is a film that celebrates some of life’s happiest moments. No narration, no celebrities, just regular people in various life stages and cultures enjoying universal moments of happiness—moments of fun, humor, adventure and love. The joyful, emotional tone of the film is infectious, inspiring audiences to find their own moments of happiness as they leave this theater and begin their journey through the rest of the World of Coca-Cola.

Recognizing the need to refresh several additional elements of the attraction as it approaches the end of its first decade, the World of Coca-Cola team engaged BRC to collaborate with company leadership on a longer-term master plan to craft a story-driven, immersive experience that facilitates a deeper connection between guests and the Coca-Cola message. The multi-year plan will be implemented in phases, allowing the popular World of Coca-Cola to remain open during refreshment.
Coca-Cola Company
Atlanta, Georgia
  • Large Screen Film Presentation
Project Highlights


Received a 2016 Themed Entertainment Association Award for Best Corporate Visitor Center Experience

+ 20%

Annual attendance grew from 1M visitors to over 1.2M visitors


Ranked as the #2 of 280 things to do in Atlanta on Tripadvisor
Project Details


Knowing that guests expect an experience worthy of the world’s most iconic brand, the World of Coca-Cola team engaged BRC to create an opening film to set the happy tone for the guest experience.


The introductory film’s primary objective was to fill World of Coca-Cola guests with the same feeling of happiness that they feel when they drink an ice-cold Coke on a hot summer day. The presentation is designed to give them that lift, that bounce, that smile, and that sense of being in love with the world they get from a Coke—all in six short minutes.


The BRC team selected some of life’s most joyous moments —the birth of a child, falling in love, a family reunion — and edited the stories together so that all the enchanting moments of pure joy come at the audience in a blissful cascade of happiness. As soon as the audience has fallen in love with the characters, they were released into the rest of the attraction enjoying an afterglow of happiness.

Key learnings

Happiness is infectious. Witnessing regular people experience life’s everyday moments of happiness causes every audience member to feel the same joy and happiness as the people on the screen. That joy carries guests through the World Coca-Cola, inspiring a new generation of brand champions and maximizing the average revenue per visitor.
Moments of Happiness World of Coca Cola
World of Coca Cola
Moments of Happiness World of Coca Cola
World of Coca Cola
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Moments of Happiness World of Coca Cola