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35 Wonderful Years With Our Own Marci Carlin

Rich Procter


“35 years ago, I had one spot to fill, and two applicants,” said Bob Rogers, Founder & CEO of BRC Imagination Arts. “I chose Marci Carlin on a whim. It was the single luckiest whim I’ve ever had in my life. She started here in 1985, before we even had job titles, and – through hard work, intelligence and tenacity – has reached the highest level we have, Executive Producer. That’s because she has an absolute genius for bringing home projects on time, on budget, and on target. Of those, the last is most important. On target means the project exceeds the fondest hopes of the client. It does what it’s supposed to do, and more.”

Marci has worked on successful projects all over the world: Kazakhstan, France, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, Singapore, China, Japan, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates. These projects have used every imaginable presentation format, including live stage shows, special effects experiences, multimedia presentations, special-format films, interactive exhibits, Holavision theaters, and themed environments. Her projects have included pavilions at several World Expos, The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam, Images of Singapore, multiple projects for NASA, and many more. Marci’s breakthrough creative work has won multiple awards and earned her memberships in both the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Producers Guild of America

“It doesn’t feel like 35 years,” says Marci. “It feels like 2. At BRC there’s never a chance to get bored. Every job is different.

Every job lets me take a deep dive into a new, interesting culture. And I get to work with a wildly diverse group of fun, multi-talented, artistic people from all over the world. What more could you want?”

What are Marci’s favorite projects? “I loved working with the Kwakiutl people on ‘Spirit Lodge’ and ‘Mystery Lodge,’ and the Sámi people for our show at the northernmost tip of Norway, because for both of those presentations we drilled down into the origins of those cultures. And I loved working on all our projects for NASA that inspire guests with ambitious dreams for the future exploration of space, and the tools we’ll need to get there. That said, I love all my projects.”

So what’s she looking forward to? “Oh, that’s easy. The NEXT 35 years! Even after all this time, I never get over the thrill of standing at the exit of an attraction the first time the public sees it. When they come out smiling and excited, that fills me with happiness. The best job is always the next one.”


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