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  2. BRC Imagination Arts Partners With SCAD For New, Immersive Experience: SCADStory

BRC Imagination Arts Partners With SCAD For New, Immersive Experience: SCADStory


To commemorate 40 remarkable years as the preeminent university for creative careers, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) teamed up with BRC Imagination Arts to introduce a first-of-its-kind on-campus experience: SCADstory – a 360-degree immersive experience journey to bring the university’s 40-year history to life.

 As part of the SCAD40 WKND celebration this weekend, SCADstory will debut Friday for invited guests and will open to the public on Sunday, April 28, 2019. SCADstory tells the story of how an elementary school teacher from Atlanta followed her dreams to create a university with a mission to prepare students for careers in creative professions.

In order to transport guests into the memories and magic of SCAD’s history, BRC Imagination Arts, in partnership with SCAD, developed a bespoke “dream box” – an immersive history experience that takes guests through a series of whimsical vignettes that detail SCAD’s creation and its path to becoming the most comprehensive art and design university in the world.

 “In SCADstory, the audience’s expectations for a history museum are turned inside out with unconventional uses of immersive media, special effects, seamless technology, and storytelling moments of magic, surprise, and delight,” said Matthew Solari, Creative Director at BRC Imagination Arts. “We wanted guests to experience an immersive space that’s as innovative as SCAD itself.”

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