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40 Years of Transformative Human Experiences


From Stadiums to Distilleries, BRC Imagination Arts Has Consistently Shaped the Future of Transformative Experiences

Companies that are lucky enough to make it into their fourth decade often stand behind an unchanged product, a set-in-stone process, an unwavering commitment to do things the “way they’ve always been done.” For BRC Imagination Arts, nothing could be further from the truth. The longevity that BRC has enjoyed can only be attributed to their vision of the future, their willingness to change and their desire to create transformative, story-led experiences that people have never seen or heard before.

Often called upon to help brands connect with their passionate fans and recruit new ones, the storytellers and creative producers at BRC have designed some of the world’s most visited and beloved experiences. From key attractions at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Complex, to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the new Las Vegas Raiders tour Experience at Allegiant Stadium, millions of people around the world have walked through at least one of BRC’s epic creations and have been forever changed by what they have seen, heard, and felt.

BRC’s 40th year is also marked by an exciting new brand identity. The team has spent the past year redefining an image that speaks more to their work telling stories with purpose and creating transformative human experiences for communities of people around the world. BRC’s goal is to create a more inclusive, sustainable, accessible and courageous world, and use story-driven experiences and emotional engagement to achieve this.

Founder and industry icon Bob Rogers said, “our goal as storytellers has always been to marry evergreen human emotions with the experiences that catapult people into the future. Telling the story of (in some cases) a centuries old brand while sensorially stretching the boundaries of what people thought was possible is what gets us out of bed in the morning and has for 40 years.”

Chief Creative Officer and BRC veteran Christian Lachel added, “the accolades and awards that we’ve received over the years have been wonderful but standing in the background as people go through one of our experiences, watching the wonder take over their faces and in many cases, seeing a range of emotions from a tear to a moment of joy, that’s why we do what we do, and that is what drives us to keep pushing the needle forward.”

BRC’s list of esteemed projects include; Jameson Distillery Bow St., The Ford Rogue Factory Tour, The Grand Ole Opry Backstage Tour, and The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, to name a few. And this year, BRC will also unveil the new Johnnie Walker Princes Street whisky visitor experience in Edinburgh, Scotland, The Ravinia Music Box Experience Center in Illinois, and formally welcome Raider Nation to their new home with Allegiant Stadium Tours in Las Vegas.

“BRC Imagination Arts has truly brought the vision of our visitor experiences to life,” said Anya Haarhoff, Global Luxury and Retail Director at Diageo. “Their ability to go from concept to reality is astonishing. In some ways they have made the impossible, possible and in doing so, have given fans of our beloved and storied brands the chance to engage in ways that they will remember for a lifetime.”

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